I am now back from some extended time away after Rezzed, both on holiday with the family and training some clients away from home. I’ve released Sol Trader 1.3 today, and set the Kickstarter for Ealdorlight to 6th June.

Rezzed was fantastic: it was great to see lots and lots of people wearing our Ealdorlight crowns. We ran out of crowns on both days, with some creative head displays on offer:

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Ealdorlight Kickstarter launch date: 6th June

Yes, I know I said May :) I’ve decided to go for a 31-day campaign, starting on the 6th June, for a few reasons:

  • It doesn’t clash with any major US holidays, like Memorial Day. The 48-hour reminder email should go out on the day after 4th July.
  • I want to give myself the best chance of success by polishing the combat demo hard. It was great to get such good feedback at Rezzed and I think it’ll be a great hook. I need more time to do that well.
  • 6th June is the first anniversary of Sol Trader’s launch, so it ties in nicely with the ongoing Revelation Games story.

I’m excited and nervous about this Kickstarter campaign: my third one to date. After succeeding last time I’m really trying to take my time and get it right.

Sol Trader 1.3 released!

Now that I’m back, I’m able to support a new release of Sol Trader: 1.3 is now finally released after a length beta period.

Here are the highlights:

  • You can now chat to characters directly on the right if they’re in the same location as you
  • Pirate Chief and criminals are now more likely to try to destroy you
  • Fix a bug where you’re not paid enough for a mission
  • Dignitaries now fly around a little less than before to make it easier to pin them down
  • Inter-faction missions now pay slightly less
  • Business trips now pay slightly less
  • Taxi missions now pay slightly more
  • Talking to your criminal parents will no longer cause them to forget who you are
  • Fix crash where a character develops an opinion of the player mid-conversation
  • Fix crash when showing GUI for a ship the AI is driving
  • Fix crash where a character would attempt to sell a good on a ship they’ve lent to the player
  • Can now initiate conversations when paused - will restart the game but at realtime speed
  • Fixed the Tiger II achievement

Your steam copy should automatically update. I’ll be releasing an updated downloadable version to SendOwl in the next few days.