I’m very excited to be able to announce my new game…

Ealdorlight is a single player RPG set in a low fantasy kingdom where you must influence, cajole and fight your way to the throne.

Players travel the land, meet characters, perform quests and attempt to discover their true identity, different every game. Learning about the pasts of other characters gives the player influence over them, and learning who they truly are allows a player’s character to become more and more powerful. Along the way they will discover ancient weapons with hidden pasts, recruit allies, fight those who get in their way, and finally build a strategy to overthrow the King.

Ealdorlight generates centuries of history and society each game, giving players a whole kingdom of characters and relationships to explore and exploit, with turn based story-focused combat and an open quest structure.

Find out more info on the website!

Development plan

The plan is to put the game back on Kickstarter in May. Kickstarter was awesome last time for Sol Trader’s campaign - I think that the Kickstarter community is one of the best on the Internet for encouragement and positivity. I also want to check in with gamers to make sure the game I’m planning is the one people want me to make.

I’m building this game in Unreal, although parts of Sol Trader’s engine will make it into the game. Using Unreal has been a great experience so far. I’ll post tips and other learnings here as I go, as well as some thoughts on why I chose it.

I’ve already had some very helpful feedback on the idea and am looking for more - what thing about Ealdorlight most draws your attention?