Rail tracks

Some of us might say that we aren’t leaders. However, we are all leaders of at least one thing: our own lives. We determine the way that we should go, what we spend today doing. If we allow our life to happen to us, then the our lives will be determined by the whim of others and not ourselves.

It’s quite possible for us to lead our lives without actually leading our lives, so in 2017 I’ve decided to try to do better at living a life that counts.

As a first step, I spent the first part of the week trying to simplify my life down to the core essence of what I want to focus on. Here’s my list today:

  • Build relationship with Ellie and the kids.
  • Continue my current fitness training regime.
  • Try to live according to the teaching of Jesus in my community. This is separate from what people might think of as “being a Christian”, but that’s a topic for another time.
  • Work to create systems that make people’s lives better. I’m currently doing this for money for various organisations, and by creating fun video games.
  • Teach and train people how to lead others and be amazing - that’s why I’m writing this post.
  • Improve my writing skills and range.

If something I’m doing doesn’t fit into this list, then I’ve decided to work towards removing it from my life.

More than ever in this present age of mass distraction, our headspace is the key limiting factor to productivity and achievement. It’s a resource to be managed and conserved. I’m only a week in, but have benefited hugely from the reduced focus already, and my job satisfaction is much improved.

If you made a list such as the one above, what would be on it? What should we remove in order to conserve headspace, and to focus on what counts?