The beta test is finished. The demo is ready. The campaign is prepared. The video is uploaded. The press releases are written and sent.

It’s now only three days to go until the new Kickstarter campaign for Sol Trader!

The campaign will be available at this link when it goes live on the 21st.

Creating this game is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m very pleased with the result so far. Last time I learnt an enormous amount about what the game should and could be. Since Sol Trader was greenlit, I buckled down and started to rewrite the core internals of the game. I’ve now reached a point where every line of code in the current build is new. It’s quite literally a different game to last time, and also looks and sounds about five times as good, thanks to great art and music from Aamar and Andy.

It still feels scary to share my game with the world, but I’m so grateful for all the encouragement and feedback from early backers and beta testers. Thanks everyone!

Here are some of the latest screenshots from the new build. Enjoy!