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Now that it’s almost reached the playable demo stage, I’ve been wanting an opportunity to show Sol Trader off in person. So we will be taking the game to EGX 2015 with our own booth!

My friend Richard Patching and I will be in the Rezzed area of the show - there will be plenty of opportunity to ask us questions and see the game in action. We’re also hoping that the man responsible for the amazing artwork, Aamar Rana, will also be there for a day.

If you’re from the press or a publisher and want to make an appointment for a demo or interview at the show, I’ll be available Thursday to Saturday morning. Send me an email to book a time.

Latest development plan

After finishing the new GUI and the city mode interface last week, the next major thing to do is to revamp the space mode again. We now have a continuous space model: it’s now possible to fly from one end of the Solar System to another, but it’ll just take a (very) long time…

This week, I’ve been adding jump gates back in to allow faster travel to and landing on the different planets, and I’m in the middle of adding particles back in. After that we’ll put back the AI ships, weapons and trading systems. Finally I’ll be balancing the interaction between characters, and adding simple missions.

By the time EGX comes around, we should have a playable demo and a new Kickstarter campaign running to to raise funds for a marketing push. Spending correctly on marketing is essential for any indie game, especially if not from an already known publisher. I’d like to raise enough money to budget for that, and to give everyone an opportunity to buy the game at an early bird price.

The final release will be early next year, once I’ve added the final features. It’s all coming together and it’s very exciting! Follow us on social media or join our mailing list on the website to keep up to date.