Greenlight notice

I’ve not yet announced this properly, and it deserves a proper announcement: Sol Trader was recently greenlit by Steam!

This means that on release you’ll be able to buy the game on Steam, giving us more publicity and exposure, along with an easy way to buy and play. It’s great news for the game!

It’s been quite a journey. I originally released the game on Steam Greenlight about three years ago, when the Greenlight process was officially launched. At that point, the game wasn’t really ready for Greenlight. The alpha was rough, the video wasn’t compelling and the graphics weren’t yet showing the game off to its full potential. I got a lot of discouraging negative comments about the game. I pulled the game from Steam, got my head down and worked hard on the game for another year.

When it was finally ready, I put it back on Greenlight, this time to overwhelmingly positive results: my daily “yes” vote percentage went from about 15% to over 60%.

The biggest lesson I learnt was: don’t give up in the face of negativity. Perhaps you have got your game on Steam Greenlight at the moment: perhaps you’ve faced some the same barrage of criticism that I did.

Ignore the negativity. Believe in your idea. Just keep going.