After being strongly urged (some would say begged) by some friends in the pub, I’ve taken the plunge in 2015: Sol Trader is now on Kickstarter!

The game I’ve always wanted to make

If you’ve missed my ramblings on the game (unlikely if you’re a regular reader) you won’t know that Sol Trader is possibly the best space arcade RPG out there. It’s a fun single player PC game with a really in depth procedurally generated backstory. I’ve always wanted to make this game, and I’m thrilled that three years of work have got it this close to being finished and ready for everyone to enjoy.

I started the game off as a basic trading/mining/exploration game but quickly realised that wasn’t enough - there are too many others out there doing the same things. Along the way I fell in love with Dwarf Fortress, particularly the history generation, and discovered Liberal Crime Squad’s character generation. I decided to build a rich world history which allowed players to discover and forge their own story in the context of their family, upbringing and childhood. I wanted players to uncover secrets about their rivals that go back seventy years and use them against them. I wanted them work their uncle’s contacts in the senate to secure lucrative diplomatic missions. I wanted them to meet school bullies on the space lanes, and teach them a lesson.

This is what the game’s about: it’s not just an arcade game or just a sandbox open-world game. It’s a role playing game where the player knows just where they’ve come from and figures out who they want to be.

Back me! Tell you friends! (please)

One of the main reasons for doing a Kickstarter now is that it’s almost finished, yet I need to devote more time this year to earning money to support my family. With backing from a Kickstarter, I’ll be able to devote much of my time to getting it finished and shipped this summer.

The campaign has been going for a day or so, and has a few backers, but I’d love to get the word out more! If you know of anyone who might be interested, please do let them know.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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