A quick update on the lighting code I’ve been working on. Now that I have normal maps and per-pixel bump mapping working, I can turn these:

ship-texture-1 ship-texture-2

Into this:

ship-texture-3 ship-texture-4

Check out how the ship appears lit from each side. It looks even better as you see it moving. Hey presto: a realistic 3D effect with only two triangles rendered.

All I’m using is this simple GLSL fragment shader:

    void main() {
      vec4 color = texture(baseTexture, uv);
      vFragColor = vertColor * color;
      float alpha = vFragColor.a;

      if (alpha > 0.0 && useNormal) {
        vec3 lightDirection = normalize(vec3(0.2, 0.2, 0.0));
        vec4 normal = normalize(texture(normalTexture, uv) * 2.0 - 1.0);
        vec4 vEyeNormal = normalMatrix * normal;

        float diffuse = max(0.0, dot(vEyeNormal.xyz, lightDirection));
        vFragColor *= (diffuse * 3);
        vFragColor.a = alpha;

GLSL is great.