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Right, time to learn Spring Rich Client.

I've been meaning to learn this project for a while, but haven't yet quite got round to it. Now is the time. A client wants a piece of work done that see ms very well suited to using this framework, and it's an ideal time to work it all out.

Initial viewing of the project shows that there's very little in the way of documentation for the project (well, none, actually), so I'm going to attempt to document my documentation-less journey into the depths of the framework. When I look back, a sort of tutorial may even have emerged, which might help others. You never know.

If you notice that I'm doing this or that wrong, please feel free to post a comment and correct me. I don't care about looking amateurish or anything lik e that, and it'll turn this into a better reference.

Coming soon: "Session One: Making Petclinic work"