We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the first public BDD Kickstart, and we’ve got some news…

Matt and I have enjoyed running BDD Kickstart over the last year or so. We’ve had hundreds of people go through the course in all, with courses run for the public and privately in-house.

Over the year we’ve grown a team of real expert practitioners who also happen to be fantastic at teaching and mentoring. Seb, Rob, Julien and Steve have been partnering with us to help us run many more courses than we could have done on our own. With Suzan publicising and marketing the courses, we have built up some great momentum: enough to expand our course lineup.

BDD Kickstart’s fundamental philosophy has always been to put you in a room with experts. With the addition of new partners, we’re growing the range of subjects we can offer at that very high quality level. We can offer courses in more than just BDD. So we needed a new name.


kickstart academy

Quality matters to us enormously, so we’re growing slowly. We’re focusing on running our existing Continuous Delivery course, and we’re already running in-house Ruby courses. We’re writing a “Hexagonal” course to teach pure OO design principles for modern web applications.

We’d like your feedback please!

We’re actively seeking feedback to help guide us as we grow and expand. Your emails are always welcome, but we’d especially like to speak to you on the phone if:

  • You have been on a course with us and you have some feedback or a testimonial
  • You’ve been thinking about coming along but haven’t done so yet for specific reasons (location, can’t spare the time, financial, etc)
  • You have an idea of a subject you’d like to learn from us that we don’t offer yet

Send us an email with your phone number or Skype handle and we’ll set up a call.

What’s next

We have two public courses available at the moment: we’re teaching our popular BDD Kickstart course in London in December and our Continuous Delivery course in Paris in March. If you’re interested in either of these courses, you can sign up for London now, or email us to express your interest in the Paris course.

It’s an exciting time for Kickstart Academy: we look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops soon!