I’ve been mentoring a couple of guys at Eden over the last few weeks. They’ve been working away on the Binary Chop kata and it’s been generating some interesting discussions on what Test Driven Development actually is, and how to do it properly.

More on that in another post; today I want to outline the next task I’ve got prepared. Continuing on with the TDD theme, I’ve prepared a basic specification of Snakes and Ladders, using Cucumber features to give a simple outline.

The task is to take this basic github repository and prepare a kata which fully implements the features given using TDD.

If you’d like to try it yourself, feel free! Any patches to the features would be most welcome. Let me know how you get on.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed a bug in the features (thanks nickh) and merged in a patch from ohthatjames to provide some basic support files.

UPDATE: Olly Legg commited a couple of tweaks and improvements.