By the way...

This content is now pretty old: check the homepage for the latest.

My project is shrink-wrapped in virtual plastic and the client is happy, so that just about wraps up my look at Spring Rich Client.

After writing a full app from conception to completion, I thought that it was a useful and powerful framework deserving of attention. There are plenty of features you get thrown in for free, such as decent localisation support and excellent form binding capabilities. A couple of closing thoughts follow...

The framework needs more documentation. Once you master the basics you're ok, but I get the nagging feeling I missed whole sets of features simply because I didn't know they were there.

A maintained stable release would be a significant step forward. Once the project was easier to download and try out I think many more people would at least evaluate it. The more people using it, the more developers that might come forward, which has to be a good thing for the project.

I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt. Best of luck on your own Spring Rich Client journey.

Update: It looks like Spring: Rich Client have released 0.1.0 on sourceforge; the first stable revision! Should have checked before I wrote this post :) Congratulations to the Rich Client team - hopefully the project will move forward in leaps and bounds now.